New Challenge for the Adhecal 13880® : Loong Air A320 Special livery

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China based carrier Loong Air unveil a colourful livery project to celebrate and promote the Tianjin province on their newly delivered A320 aircraft. This decoration is made out of our Adhecal 13880®solution qualified by Airbus under AIMS 10-13-00 and 10-13-007.
250m2 of decal perfectly integrated in the OEM paint system, to enhance the customer complex and rich theme, that showcases traditional Chinese highlights.  

Our 3D Imag’In software allowed to project, design and manufacture the livery anticipating the technical constraints of installing such a large scale decoration throughout the entire fuselage.
Our product offers outstanding graphics, excellent ageing performances, and full compatibility with all top coats and base coats.

The fitting of the livery was processed directly in Tianjin by a mix team of Airbus and Adhetec installers in 6 days. Loong Air congratulated both companies for the great work achieved together in terms of project management, co installation and the overhaul esthetic of the aircraft.