Adhesive surface protection films and foams

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Adhesive protective films and foams for every industrial area

ADHETEC is world leader of adhesive surface protective films and foams. We developed acomprehensive range covering a multitude of technical benefits to meet all of our customers challenges and requirements.

Our solutions are customized depending of all industrial areas:

Unique know how in adhesive protective films and foams

ADHETEC has acquired a solid expertise in adhesive protective films and foams along the years. ADHETEC can now offer a solution to each project, with high performance solutions adapted to awide variety of technical constaints and suitable for all material types.

The range offer light to heavy protection throughout all the operating cycle (manufacturing, storage, transport) with low to high adhesion. The protective films and foams are made to protect floors, carpets, textiles, leather, plastic parts, PVC, joinery, laminates, titane, aluminium, windows and screens, gloss paint, electronics and more.

Upon request, ADHETEC can convert and add value to other products such as:

  • Profina AP501
  • Nitto SPV224, SPV225
  • Tesa 50560