High-tech functional pieces and films

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ADHETEC offers tailor made pieces for the specific applications and processes of the high technologies :

  • Soundproofing, electrical and thermal insulation
  • Water-tight sealants, valves, plugs, anti-vibration devices
  • Electrical conductor
  • Heat and wave convectors
  • Optical and light diffusing device (polarization, brightness, absorbance, refraction…)


  • Increase in efficiency from design to production
  • Simplification of your production
  • Improvement of your product performances: weight, resistance…

From masking solution design to after sale

  • Assistance in designing and developing masking adhesive solutions according to your constraints and plans
  • Recommendation of materials and adhesives
  • Qualification tests
  • Management of your spare parts

Masking : adjusted support, very extended functionalities

  • Solution that meets your requirements
  • Multiple functions: isolate, seal, dispel… may improve any of customer’s product characteristic
  • Use of your qualified materials and adhesives if necessary
  • ADHETECs masking technology is suitable from prototyping to mass production