Surface protective films for aerospace

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ADHETEC is a long term partner for the major aeronautical players, supporting them to resolve their various damage issues throughout their storage, manufacturing and delivery chain.

ADHETEC’s strong customer orientation has fueled its know- how in the development of temporary protection solutions. Through a detailed needs analysis, ADHETEC ensures that the tailor made solutions meet production requirements while reducing quality costs and manufacturing cycles.

The ADHETEC adhesive protective films are for both interior and exterior protection of your aircraft parts

Protection for aircraft cabin interior

ADHETEC’s protective solutions are suitable for all elements of your cabin interior: carpet, NTF covering, monuments like partitions, galleys, seats, overhead bins, and many others.

Protection for aircraft exterior

ADHETEC surface protection solutions are suitable for all structure parts or exterior of your aircraft: nacelles, wing spouts, leading edges, portholes, cockpit canopy, hatches, and many others.