Antibacterial and antiviral aerospace films for the cabin

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Hygiene is more important than ever.

The new range of adhesive films offered by ADHETEC embedding a naturalclean and nontoxic antibacterial and antiviral technology will enable to travel in a safe environment onboard. These films allow immediate, stable and permanent microbial decontamination (including coronavirus) for a safe passenger inflight experience.

Adhetec range of antibacterial and antiviral films


Printable antimicrobial self-adhesive film customizable to any design


Transparent antimicrobial film with the same grain aspect as the tray table


Antimicrobial self-adhesive film for high contact areas, enabling continuous tactile functions. Safe to use on screens without residues

Our aerospace cabin antimicrobial products are:

  • Efficient permanently against bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses (destroys up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses)
  • Compliant with flammability requirements
  • Easy to apply and to remove
  • They protect cabin parts and the films increase their durability

Antimicrobial properties – how does it work?

ADHETEC antimicrobial solutions embed a breakthrough technology by Pylote: micron-sized mineral additives mixed in the surface coating. The antiviral and antibacterial action of the microspheres operates by contact with the surface of parts where they have been incorporated into. It is the result of a reaction between moisture, air and the surface containing the antimicrobial treatment, killing germs. The microspheres are neither consumed nor extracted from the surface but kept active in the surface they have been integrated into for a very long time.

Certified antimicrobial technology

The technology, which was developed 10 years ago and has been used in different industry sectors with proven efficacy is recognized globally and has obtained the following certifications:

Why using films over sprays?

Save time and money

The antivirus and antibacterial technology of ADHETEC’s films is effective for a very long time. Efficacy of the technology is proven for over 50 months. You do not need to change your cabin cleaning procedure. Once applied, just wipe the surface as usual.

Preserve health

The technology used in ADHETEC antimicrobial range is natural and neutralharmless for passengers even for very young children. The films allow food contact without any risks. ADHETEC antiviral and antibacterial films ensure safety and hygiene in the cabin for a safe and comforting journey.

Homogeneous application

The antimicrobial films guarantee a homogeneous and sufficient application of the antibacterial and antivirus treatment onto the entire surface of each part that we supply, unlike a manual spraying operation, which is more random and less accurate. ADHETEC’s solution does not generate overspray or unpleasant smell in the cabin.

Frequently asked questions

What is the lifetime of the antimicrobial properties?

The antimicrobial properties are efficient as long as the topcoat varnish is present. The varnish is very resistant to cleaning agents and normal tear and wear.

When do i change the film?

The films may need to be changed on a regular basis due to normal tear and wear. It can be easily done during standard line maintenance. Consider 6 months to 1 year usage on average.

How long does it take to install the film?

The films have a pressure-sensitive adhesive and are very easy to fit. They can be installed during most maintenance operations.

What are the weight and thickness of the films?

The films meet the requirements in the cabin (< 300 g/m²).