Railway customizable floor covering

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What is ADHEWALK Customfloor?

ADHEWALK Customfloor is a unique and versatile customizable floor covering dedicated to trains, tramways, metros and buses. With no design limitations, it is perfect to manage passenger flow and zoning, while providing an opportunity for city promotions and branding.

ADHEWALK CUSTOMFLOOR – Customizable Railway Floor Covering

ADHEWALK Customfloor key features

No design limitation

Whether you want to create a bold branding design or a calming and inviting atmosphere, our customizable floor covering for trains can be crafted to your exact design specifications.

Improved flow management

Our customizable floor covering helps guide passengers and manage traffic, ensuring a safe and efficient journey for all.

Easy zoning

Easily create zoning using the floor design for a wide range of signage applications: reduced mobility, bicycle or pushchair areas, fire extinguisher, doors, entrances, exits and more!

Unique and eye-catching

Stand out from the competition and create a unique journey for your passengers with an exclusive design in your image. Your train or tram will be a one-of-a-kind experience for them!

Durable and easy to maintain

Our customizable floor covering is built to last, is easy to clean and maintain. It has been intensively tested to withstand overtime: frick-taber test EN660-2, residual indentation ISO 24343, shocks and scratches…
It’s a cost-effective solution that will save you time and money in the long run.

No minimum order quantity

Whether you want to upgrade the full train or only customize a small logo or area, we supply our ADHEWALK Customfloor with no MOQ.

Compliant with all specifications

The ADHEWALK Customfloor is compliant with plenty industry standards: EN 45545 HL2, DTRF 150931, ISO 4918, ISO 24344, STMX 013, DIN 51130, EN 1399, ISO 4343, ISO 10140-3, ISO 1815.

Easy to install

Self-adhesive and cut to shape according to your specific requirements, our customizable floor covering is fast and easy to install.