Adhesive masking tapes and masking films for automotive

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Wide range of automotive adhesive masking tapes and masking films

ADHETEC developed a comprehensive range of industrial technical masking adhesive tapes and masking films covering all the automotive industry needs in masking solutions. They are made to increase masking productivity, reduce masking processes and respond to all the masking constraints and challenges faced by all automotive sector players.

Creative masking solutions to technical challenges

Technical challengesOur masking solutions
Chemical constraintsPTFE, polyester, polyimide masking
Temperature constraintsPTFE, fiberglass, high temperature paper tapes, polyester, complex silicone fiberglass masking
Abrasion constraintsThick paper tape, rubber, Teflon® masking
Conformability constraintsVinyl, rice paper masking

Masking tapes and masking films for divers surface treatments

  • Surface preparation masking (scraping, sandblasting, shot blasting…);
  • Mechanical treatments masking (sand blasting, micro-abrasive blasting, shot peening…);
  • Painting, varnishing and overspray masking (hydro painting, oven and ambient drying, thermo-lacquering, powder painting, two-tone…);
  • Metallic coating masking (electrolytic deposition, static and dynamic electroless plating, hexaplasma, ceramic coating, HVOF…);
  • Chemical conversion masking (chromic acid anodizing, sulfuric acid anodizing, tartaric sulfuric anodizing, sealing, phosphating, chromatisation, passivation…);
  • Plating masking (electroplating, autocatalytic plating, immersion plating…)

**A selection guide is available upon request**

Customized masking solutions built to your specifications

Our technical adhesive masking tapes for automotive industry are designed to improve your processes:

Can be developed on demand according to each customers’ specific masking requirements. Customized cutting or standard rolls or shapes.

Wide variety of masking tape thicknesses according to each specific surface treatment.

Our masking tapes are resistant to high temperatures up to 300°C in order to perfectly fit our customers’ most stringent masking requirements.

Available in standard rolls or tailor made rolls or shapes.

Typical two-tone console masking application case

ADHETEC adhesive masking tapes allow bi-chroma realization from a masking kit:

  • Successive application of different masks during the process
  • Sharp and precise lining
  • Over spray protection
  • Masking at the bottom of the gouge is possible from roll with min 1.5mm width

Two successive masking operations :

  1. Masking of the central part against over spray and lining with12mm width tape
    • Silver paint application on both lateral parts
  2. Masking of the lateral parts painted in silver with two adjusted stencils + lining inside the gouge using a 1,5mm width tape
    • Noir hight gloss paint application