Masking solutions for aerospace

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Our model is to provide you with custom adhesive tapes, with your challenges as the starting point, either for a more productive operation for cycle time or to achieve lower total cost to produce as well as for a safer working environment for your employees. Our experience is in the Aerospace business as well as in different industrial areas.


For 40 years, ADHETEC Tarbes and ADHETEC Montreal have been developing a wide range of aeronautical adhesive customized masking tapes for storage and maintenance. Adapted to all your processes, our adhesive tapes meet every operational needs: painting and stripping window masks, autoclave, shotblastingpaint masking, OAC, chrome plating, ASD, sanding, plasma and more.

In order to meet its customer’s deadlines, ADHETEC has set up a proven raw material management system to guarantee that it always has a sufficiently sized buffer stock to ensure the continuity of its supply chain services regardless of the geographic location of our customers.

ADHETEC is expert in manufacturing tailor-made masking solutions adaptable to a variety of needs and constraints of its customers on various types of packagingadhesive tapes, standard or custom-cut rolls, patch rolls, pellets, pre-cut or complexed parts of various shapes. Also, our R&D and Engineering teams are set to analyze and solve all types of technical and industrial challenges, based on their expertise, providing personalized and unique solutions to fit your specific project


Masking an entire aircraft can be time consuming and must be performed perfectly to secure there is no infiltration, to offer your customer the rendering expected. To help you save time and money, we have developed a unique and innovative aircraft masking solution: Maskfilm® patent pending

Wrapping an aircraft has never been so easy thanks to the unfolding method and multiple landmarks for a safe and fast operation. The Maskfilm® is lightweight and packaged in a way that enables a secured single operator to perform the task. Deliverable to the specific area or as a complete aircraft kit, it allows you to mask in a record time.

The Maskfilm® has been engineered for paint to adhere strongly to the surface of the film, ensuring a good fragments retention during blowing and eliminates the contamination risks. Colorless, it makes the spotting of the different aircraft areas easy once applied.

We can design your required kit to your process or given design to achieve:

  • Cycle time reduction
  • Tear resistant
  • Waterproof to all paints and varnishes
  • Compatible with electrostatic nozzle
  • Tailor-made cutting
  • Available in kits or in individual spares