Automotive decorative stickers

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ADHETEC developed its own range of decorative car stickers to customize both your interiors and exteriors: ADHEMARK 13440.

Manufactured with a unique know-how and in use in the aeronautical sector for a long time now, ADHETEC car decoration stickers meet the most demanding specifications :

  • 100% customized sticker: shape, size, colors…
  • Excellent adhesion on all exterior surfaces (hood, window, fender…) and interior surfaces (dashboard, door jamb…)
  • Superior resistance to extreme meteorological conditions (wind, rain, snow, hail, UV…), to solvents, automatic car wash, scratching, yellowing, cleaning products
  • Transparent or opaque
  • Intense and long lasting colors
  • Unlimited customization: the only limit is your imagination!
  • Easy application and removal without glue residues