Major stencils project with Egyptair & Airbus Canada

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“Communication and teamwork with ADHETEC Canada has been the key to our success for many years now, and we hope it will continue for many more years to come.” -Julie LEVEILLE, Logistics, Methods and Engineering Supervisor – Airbus Canada Limited Partnership
A major project with the Airbus Canada Limited Partnership paint shop on behalf of ADHETEC Canada:
– Start of discussions on this project: May 2019
– Production of the first Egyptair stencils version 1: end of July 2019 on an A220
A word from ADHETEC Canada’s CEO – Marc CHENIER:

“There was an excellent joint effort between the Airbus Canada Limited Partnership teams and our ADHETEC Canada team, mainly between the A220 paint shop and the Engineering and Methods teams.
This livery is the most complex project we have ever completed on a commercial aircraft due to its surface area, the complexity of the cut-outs and the large number of parts.
Several adjustments were necessary along the way before obtaining the final version of the livery, all with deliverables required in a very short time. The very good exchanges between the teams of both parties were a key element to meet the required deadlines while meeting the evolving requirements of the customer. The excellent cohesive work of our production team allowed us to deliver a quality product on time.
Stencil summary data for this livery:
– 1 kit for the Egyptair includes 97 stencils of different lengths.
– 6 A220 aircraft were produced between the end of July and the end of October.
We would like to underline the great commitment of ADHETEC Canada team as well as its generosity in its collaboration with the Airbus Canada Limited Partnership paint shop team. We would like to thank and congratulate ADHETEC Canada employees directly involved in this great project”.