A full range of adhesives to fight FOD

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ADHETEC offers a full range of products to eliminate FOD (Foreign Object Damage) and secure your operations and manufacturing processes

Each year, such hazards – particularly FOD – are the source of very costly consequences for manufacturers, OEMs, operators, and users, particularly in the transportation sector.
FOD, which occurs when an object that does not belong to an aeroplane, train, system, part, etc. is introduced, can lead to damage, injure operators or maintenance personnel, or cause serious harm.

A prevention programme is crucial to controlling these risks.

If you wish to alert your staff to areas prone to FOD, implement appropriate systems, and improve your results in this critical area, Adhetec can provide a multitude of standardised or tailored solutions according to your work environments.

Anti FOD solutions

fod temoin Foolproof end-of-operation indicator             Anti-FOD blanks
fod fluo

Fault identification with fluorescent
indicator in UV light

                       fod non conformity Non-conformity identification