Business case: TGVA SNCF High Speed Train Refurbishment

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A new life for your trains…

ADHETEC had the honor to provide its know-how in adhesive films for railway decoration as part of the mid-life refurbishment of SNCF‘s High Speed Train (TGVAtlantique).

The customer wanted to replace the design of his tray tables with a wood effect. Our state-of-the-art production tools allow us to match any design with no limits. Thus, we can fulfill all the desires of our customers whatever the design or the shape needed. Our decorative adhesive film ADHESKIN® 13531 met all customer requirements: superior visual rendering, ease of application, rapid manufacturing. In addition, the technical characteristics of our products can be adapted according to each specific project, particularly in terms of varnish. Indeed, we offer several finishes: simple varnish, anti-microbial varnish, anti-graffiti varnish. It is this last option which attracted SNCF for this project.

The first train was delivered at the end of June and the last one in mid-October, which amounts to 4 trains every 3 weeks in terms of rate. In total, the tray tables of 23 trains of 10 carriages have been refurbished (1st and 2nd class), i.e. almost 15,000 tray tables of 5 different sizes and shapes.​


ADHETEC supports you in all your refurbishment projects, in order to breathe new life into your trains, quickly and easily.


Full refurbishment video:


Did you know?

ADHETEC is also an expert in exterior decoration films for railway industry! A full offer to support you throughout the refurbishment of your trains.