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  • Adhetec has been designing and manufacturing innovative and high performance self-adhesive solutions for commercial and aerospace graphic applications for more than 30 years. Read more

  • The search for productivity and quality optimization are at the origin of the development of adhesive use in the automotive industry. Read more

  • ADHETEC adhesive range is developed to meet the conditions the railway industry implies. Whether they are masking, surface protection, bonding, decoration or marking organizing ADHETEC ensures continuity of support, from defining requirements to implementation support. Read more

  • ADHETEC adhesive solutions addresses a large range of industries : electronics, high tech, mecanics, plastics, surface treatment,... Read more

le bourget 2017 adhetec

June 19-25, 2017, ADHETEC will welcome you at Le Bourget Paris Air Show,...

ADHETEC Self Adhesive Flooring 10230 system allows us to replace liquid glues, which have high solvent emissions, with dry glues; bringing immediate benefits in terms of working...

ADHETEC must meet the most stringent standards set by customers (AIMS, BMS, STMX,etc.), while developing innovative solutions.

ADHETEC has developed a unique expertise in the mastery of colors, printing & surface treatment processes. ADHETEC is delivering new possibilities in the realm of exterior aircraft decoration...

ADHETEC's Imagine'in software solution is unique. Aircraft Manufacturers and Airlines can now implement image & picture type livery decals on all areas of the aircraft without any distortions...

Fitting a protective film enables non-quality costs to be reduced by protecting parts against scratches and minor impacts. Manually fitting these films, however, involves labor costs, a slowdown...

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Adhetec : Industrial adhesives company

For the past 30 years, ADHETEC has been designing, manufacturing and distributing adhesive solutions for the aeronautical, automotive, railway and high-tech industries worldwide.
From the initial development of a product, to its implementation, ADHETEC relies on advanced technologies as well as the technical expertise of its teams.