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Removable self adhesive foil for cabin customization

aircraft interior decorated with Adheskin by Adhetec

ADHESKIN ® 13915 and 13930

Fully compliant with FAR 25.853 requirenents for the cabin (all paragraphs)

No minimum order quantity

Cover your cabin with emotions

ADHESKIN ® 13915 and 13930

Interior decorative elements are the best way to convey an airline’s brand image and to create a unique atmosphere on board.

The result of several years of research and development, ADHESKIN ® is a self-adhesive decorative foil that allows airlines to enhance passenger experience.

Unlimited graphics

No minimum order quantity

Short lead time

Self adhesive, easy to apply and remove without residues

Aircraft interior cabin decorated with Adheskin by Adhetec

2 products depending on the desired visual effect:

13915® is smooth and best for image type graphics

13930® is slightly textured for best material type rendering  (wood, silk, marble, leather etc.)

Exemples of patterns for aircraft interior decoration by Adhetec
Customization aircraft interior with Adheskin by Adhetec


13915 ® and 13930 ® are premium aerospace self adhesive foils designed to be applied onto cabin monuments - from divider to lavatory walls - with a pressure sensitive adhesive. They are easy to apply and remove without residues, or damage to the substrate underneath


Both adhesive foils have been intensively tested against cleaning products and beverages like coffee, cola and other liquids to make sure ADHESKIN is the perfect choice. 13930 proves a superior resistance to marks and scratches due to its woven texture.

Our decorative products are made to last. Nevertheless we can also support your temporary marketing campaigns and apply ADHESKIN to your current cabin settings while staying compliant with the burn tests requirements. Maleable, it will cover the surface like a second skin.

Unlimited designs

Thanks to our high-definition equipment combined with our engineering team expertise, we are able to deliver premium decorative adhesive foils to dress your bespoke cabin elements with outstanding graphics to enhance your brand and customer experience.

No minimum order quantity

We can supply one logo or a complete fleet cabin retrofit. Just ask our team for a proposal based on any chosen design.

Short lead time

Our average lead time is 4 weeks from design submission to delivery of the decorative elements.

Self adhesive, easy to apply and remove without residues

The removal does not damage the substrate. You will be able to apply and remove the ADHESKIN® decorative foil without cabin furniture alterations.


With Adheskin, you have the possibility to create a special interior for your business and first class passengers: seat shells, tables, divider walls - everything can be customized.

We can reproduce various finishes: wood, fabric, silk, marble, leather or any other material styles.

interior decoration vip area in aircraft cabin with Adheskin by Adhetec