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Masking solutions for aerospace


Since the begining ADHETEC has developed a wide range of aeronautical adhesive masking solutions based on adhesive film technology.

ADHETEC is able to respond to a wide variety of technical issues and constraints related to masking applications for various sectors such as aerospace, railway, automotive, naval, high-tech and general industry.

Thanks to its expertise and solid experience, ADHETEC is able to target and recommend the products best suited to the needs of its customers operating in industrial sectors such as paint, chemical, thermal or mechanical surface treatment.

In order to meet its customer’s deadlines, ADHETEC has set up a proven raw material management system to guarantee that it always has a sufficiently sized buffer stock to ensure the continuity of its supply chain services regardless of the geographic location of its customers.

ADHETEC manufactures tailor-made products adapted to the needs and constraints of its customers in various types of packaging : standard or custom-cut rolls, patch rolls, pellets, pre-cut or complexed parts of various shapes.

Our Research and Development & Engineering teams are able to analyze and solve all types of technical and industrial challenges, based on their know-how.

ADHETEC offers masking solutions adapted to all your processes: paint masking, OAC, chrome plating, ASD, sanding, sanding, shot blasting, plasma