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ADHETEC offers a wide range of transparent, colored or white protective adhesive films adapted to the diversity of automotive substrates: PP, raw or painted, ABS, Polycarbonate, PMMA, textiles (velvet, weft warp, jersey, alcantara, TEP), PU spray, PVC, Chrome, High gloss black and Stainless steel.

ADHETEC’s adhesive films are widely used on series of vehicles for the protection of interior or exterior elements in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.

ADHETEC assists in the definition of the protective solution and in its process implementation at the customer’s facility in order to solve the technical and productivity requirements.

Its protective technical films are designed and pre-tested in own characterization laboratories in order to guarantee all the customers’ needs. The adhesive protective solutions enable quick application without folds or bubbles with the aim to leave no residues at removal.

ADHETEC has implemented a robust and structured quality process for documenting your PPAP and EI files.

With a service rate above 99%, ADHETEC guarantees the security of your supply.

Other products requested by OEMs can also be offered by ADHETEC as a distributor:

*PROFINA AP501, SPV224 or 50560