Stencils & Spray Marks

Adhetec has developed a strong expertise and capacity to produce standard to complex customized Paint Mask & Positioning Mylar Livery Kits.

Production of livery stencils that deliver a high level of accuracy for :

  • Letterings (airline names, web addresses, registration…)
  • Logos and graduated colour livery patterns

Production of re-usable Mylar templates for :

  • Positioning stencils (positioning templates)
  • Tracing livery outlines (painting templates)

Both our livery stencils and re-usable Mylar templates are enriched with positioning indexes, and use premium products to enhance your exterior appearance livery applications and guarantee :

  • Extended graphic & design possibilities
  • Fast and accurate positioning of your Paint Mask for improved productivity and flow time
  • Repeatability from one facility to the other
  • Compatible with base coat clear coat paint systems, applicable on fresh coating
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • No distortion during installation
  • Conformable, no over spray, no quality risks, easy removal, no glue residues
  • Our services include the ability to utilise customer drawings
  • References : ASNA5158A6000, ASNA5158, AIMS ASNB80543, 4033

These products are also available for purchase as raw materials for your graphic store.

Some of our latest projects 
ADHETEC is partnering Air France for Paris'bid host the 2024 Olympics

Qatar Airways rebranding campaign

Etihad rebranding campaign

Please contact us for brochures, samples and quotes.

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